At Animate we believe that every dog should have a great walk!

We understand that every dog is an individual and has a different idea of fun. Our experience,
knowledge of breeds and dog behaviour means that we’re able to tailor our walks so that every dog
gets the best experience.

We take in to account the dog’s age, breed, personality, exercise requirements plus their need for
mental stimulation. So whether your dog is a steady sniffer, a social butterfly, a working breed or a
puppy - we’ve got a walk to suit you!


Prices start from £10

Group Walks

Perfect for active, sociable dogs our group walks are 60 minutes of fun and adventure with friends!

Dogs are collected in one of our customised vans and transported in individual crates to a selected walk location. We walk in rural locations, where the dogs can enjoy time off the lead for an hour of exercise and mental stimulation (and maybe even a swim).

After our walk dogs are rinsed off if necessary, towel dried and transported home to enjoy an afternoon snooze!

*We can also accommodate on lead dogs on our group walks.

Contact us today to kick start your dog’s social life!

Dog in Nature

Solo Walks

Our solo walks are 30 minutes or 45 minutes long and are great for younger or older dogs, as well as
dogs who prefer their own company. We love solo walks because we get to develop an individual relationship and build a bond with every dog.

Our professional dog walkers aim to give our solo dogs lots of fun so during our walks we may vary our route, play scent games and provide off lead time if appropriate.

Our solo walks usually start from your front door so no need to travel in the van, although we can also transport dogs to different locations as part of the socialisation process if required.

If you think your dog could benefit from one of our solo walks contact us, we’re always happy for a chat.

Socialisation Walks

We love to see dogs comfortable in each other’s company so we are pleased to be able to offer socialisation walks to puppies and dogs in the Ely area.

There are many reasons that dogs may need a little help making friends; whether you have a puppy who’d love a play mate or a cautious rescue dog that could benefit from meeting a calm, friendly dog, we’re happy to help.

Each dog is assessed before we match them with a suitable buddy. We use positive reinforcement techniques to give the dogs a great experience while building confidence and boundaries.

Socialisation walks can be 30 or 45 minutes long and we can accommodate both on lead and off lead dogs.


Training Walks

At Animate it’s our mission to enable our clients to enjoy fun, stress free dog walks. 

Our dog training qualifications and dog handling experience enables us to teach you how to train
your dog in a real world environment (with real life distractions) using positive reinforcement
techniques. Our aim is to build an understanding, cooperative and trusting relationship between
you and your dog, so no harsh methods or equipment is used.

Our dog trainers have helped many dogs and owners overcome common challenges such as pulling
on the lead, over stimulation, lack of engagement, recall and lead reactivity. Get in touch today to
find out how we can help you and your dog start enjoying your walks again!

All of our dog walks are undertaken by our team of professional dog walkers.

You can find out all about us and check out our credentials here!